Detox – Useful For Emotional Pain And Depression

duaeThe scientists claim that magnesium can affect positively people suffering from depression and panic disorder. This means that if you do not have enough magnesium in your body, you should take supplements or eat foods that consist magnesium. It is one of the best home remedies for panic attacks and can be taken easily.

The researchers say that the results are surprising. Also, detoxification of your organism is necessary if you want to heal your depressed body in a natural way. You have probably been accumulating stress in your body and you need to clean it all. Prepare yourself a detoxification program. For five days, eat only raw food and drink fresh juices. Start the detoxification by fasting and do not eat anything on the first day of your detoxification period. Only drink water. On the second and third day, also do not eat anything, but only drink fresh juices made of fruit and veggies. Drink them any time you feel hungry and in between drink water and herbal teas. On the fourth and fifth day eat fruits and veggies but raw, not cooked. During detoxification, sleep when you feel like sleeping and don’t go to work. Take a break for these five days.

Stop Panic Attacks By Relaxing Your Mind In Nature

Many of us are not aware how strong the nature is and how good it can be to our body when we are ill. If we have a physical pain, we can use natural remedies like teas, tinctures or hydrotherapy to ease the pain. But if we have emotional problems, nature is also offering us help. For instance, people who are dealing with panic disorder may find the cure in nature. They can stop panic attacks by having walks in nature.

Often, when the attack is on its way, a person can stop it by changing the surrounding. And it is best to go in nature, to watch the sky or listen to the birds singing. If the weather is bad, it does not matter, because the person may listen the wind producing the sound or watch the rain drops how they fall down. The nature is full of soothing scenes, scents and sounds. Sun and air are giving our bodies the food as well as actual food. For instance, the sun gives us vitamin D that can’t be found anywhere else. So it is good to spend some time each day under the sun. Open space is good especially for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

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